A brief guide to colour filters

Colour filters can help overcome image deterioration caused by atmospheric scattering of light, light pollution and will reduce the amount of light reaching the eye, allowing the viewer to observe planetary features in sharper detail.  Filters can also improve 'through the telescope' photography. The table below describes what filters to use for observing the planets.
Filter No: Use to enhance the viewing of:-
#8 Light Yellow Orange and red features on Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
#11 Yellow-Green Blue and red features on Jupiter
15 Deep Yellow Improving contrast on moon, blocking blue light
21 Orange Enhancing bands on Jupiter and Saturn
23A Light Red Dust clouds on Mars
25 Red Ice caps and surface of Mars
38A Deep Blue Lunar features and Red Spot on Jupiter
47 Violet Venus and clouds on Mars
56 Light Green Cloud detail on Jupiter and Venus, Mars ice caps
58 Green Martian ice caps, clouds, and dust storms
80A Medium Blue Red Spot and bands on Jupiter
82A Pale Blue Low contrast features on Jupiter and Saturn
Colour Filters and Their Uses