Sixty, not out by  Ken Kennedy
Members telescopes past & present by Bill Samson
Ken started off the evening with a history of the Society recalling highlights and landmark events from the past sixty years.  He showed pictures of and related stories of some noted members and how their work with some very crude instruments, often home built, developed the Society into that which exists today.

This was a light hearted and very informative talk, made all the more interesting with lots of photographs included in a slideshow
Some crude instruments, by todays standards.
Thanks to Bill And Ken for a very entertaining evening.
Bill then showed us some of the first telescopes, usually made by enthusiastic DAS members, from the early days including one tube created with treacle tins. Pictures showed the many weird and wonderful methods used to mount telescopes. He closed showing his latest state of the art home built telescope made with parts bought from Astro Boot and other spare bits inclding a cardboard tube.  Bill is shown, right, with that very instrument
Ken Kennedy & Bill Samson