Annelies Mortier (Research Fellow, St Andrews)
Exoplanets - Other Worlds beyond our solar system
Annelies presented us with a very lively talk about the methods and research used to discover not only Exoplanets but their size and construction.  She described advances in methology which can show whether exoplanets contain an atmosphere, the probable size and mass, as well as composition of these objects.

Proposals for future space bound insruments which will further advance our knowledge of exoplanets were discussed in detail.

Following a brief questions session refreshments break, Annelies was given a tour of the observatory.

Our thanks to Annelies for an excellent and well presented talk.
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Books from Tom Lloyd-Evans' library were offered for sale, with all proceeds added to Society funds.

Tony showed the first two pages of the DAS 2018 Calendar and took orders and money.  Link to calendar details can be found below

Members who were unable to attend this meeting are reminded that subs are due for the season, with thanks.
Annelies Mortier