Fergus Cullen (Post Doc Researcher at Royal Observatory). 
Searching for the first galaxies with the James Webb Telescope
Dr. Cullen'a lecture gave an informative insight into how far into the observable past current instruments can take us in exploring the formation of galaxies, and how much further back the James Webb Telecope is expected to take observers.

He demonstrated how calculations could be made, based on current observations, to determine the size and composition of those early galaxies and the evolution of stars within them.

He then went on to discuss what advances we can expect from the space base James Webb Telescope.

A Brief Q&A session followed. Thanks to Fergus for an excellent talk.
A few potential new members were welcomed and shown a little of what we as a society are all about, and refreshments were also provided, with grateful thanks.
Fergus' talk. Sound recording
Our Director of Observations then discussed what can be found in the night sky in November and a few events which will be attended by members. Thanks Jim

Tony reminded everone that he was taking orders-and money for 2018 calendars(see link below for information).  It is hoped that, finally, some profit can be made to add to DAS funds.
Fergus Cullen