Meetings 2019/20
2019 / 2020 Dates for your diary  Click on highlighted dates for reports
November 8th 2019 Bill Samson, DAS - Measuring the distances of young star clusters in the plane of the milky way using data from the Gaia space telescope.
No report available yet.
November 22nd 2019 Lyn Smith, BAA - Is the Sun Dying No report available.
December 13th 2019 Christmas Quiz. Our regular fun quiz night, followed by snacks and refreshments, and a chance to chat. There may be a short report or images from members.
January 10th 2020 A chance for members to shine with images and short talks on all kinds of Astro interests
January 24th 2020 Juan Hernandez, St. Andrews - Echo mapping of super massive black holes. "Echo mapping" is a fantastic technique that allows us to probe this inaccessible environment.
February 14th 2020 Joachim Harnois Deraps, ROE - Mapping dark matter with millions of galaxies
March 13th 2020 Britton Smith, University of Edinburgh - Cosmic dawn ; the first stars and galaxies
March 27th 2020 Dundee Astronomical Society AGM. CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
Visitors and guests are welcome to meetings, except the Christmas Quiz (members and partners only) and AGM, space allowing.
Please contact chairperson prior to meetings
Dundee Astro meetings commence @ 7.30 pm