Members Interests
Tonight members presented an assortment of subjects that were of interest, primarily related to astronomy.
First Dr. Campbell-White discussed his work on Emission Line Tomography, and HOYS-CAPS citizen science.
Nathan "Skully" Brookes showed a PowerPoint slideshow of stories about constellations in Japan, followed by a video of  astro highlights from his (Honeymoon) visit to America.
Bill Samson demonstrated his new pair of wide field binoculars
Alan Clitherow showed some planetary images, followed by a few of deep sky objects, demonstrating what can be achieved with your gear.
Finally Ken Kennedy showed images taken with his DSLR camera mounted on a Star Adventurer. Unfortunately the camcorder card filled up before Ken had finished, so apologies to Ken ad a slap on the wrist for Tony for not emptying the card of last seasons movies!  Ken followed with a few exellent lunar images he had taken from a light polluted street.

Thanks to all for a very lively evening.