2018/19 Dates for your diary  Click on highlighted dates for reports
October 12th Will Joy - Finding Space Rocks.  An introduction to meteorite hunting, and Will's exploits in finding them, including tips on identifying specimens.
October 26th Hazel Collett - The Beauty and Violence of the Sun.  A look at the make-up of the sun, and its effects on our own planet.
November 9th Vanessa Smer-Barreto - Dark Energy. Dark Energy is one of the most mysterious forces in our Universe, and Vanessa will cover the evidence for its existence, and some of the theory behind it.
November 23rd Nick Rowell - GAIA, Data Release 2 Update.  Nick returns to DAS to give us an update on the latest data from the GAIA mission, and some of the more interesting findings.
December 14th Christmas Quiz. Our regular fun quiz night, followed by snacks and refreshments, and a chance to chat. There may be a short report or images.
January 11th 2019 Joseph Kennedy - Expand your horizons: The mystery of cosmic acceleration.  More on Dark Energy, this time from the theoretical side
January 25th Alan Clitherow - Solar Imaging.  Continuing with his series of tutorial-style talks, Alan will explain techniques for solar imaging
February 08th Ken Kennedy - Great Moments in Astronomy. A selection of important moments from the history of astronomy.
February 22nd   Members' Night   Your chance to shine!!  Short talks, demonstrations, show & tell items, on any relevant subject - all contributions welcome.
March 08th Dave Gavine - The Development of the Schmidt- Cassegrain Telescope.  Sadly Dr. Gavine was ill and unable to attend.  Instead Bill Samson and Ken Kennedy gave spirited talks on astro photography and star hopping, which were both well received. Thanks to them both.
March 22nd AGM.  Possibly including a brief talk or presentation. Members only
Events Diary
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