Meetings 2018/19
12.11.18. William B Joy Finding Space Rocks
26.10.18 Hazel Collet The Beauty and Violence of the Sun.
09.11.18 Vanessa Smer Barreto Dark Energy
23.11.18 Nick Rowell GAIA, Data Release 2 Update
11.01.19 Joseph Kennedy Expand your horizons: The mystery of cosmic acceleration
25.01.19 Alan Clitherow Solar Imaging.  Techniques for improving your solar images
08.02.19 Ken Kennedy Great Moments in Astronomy. A selection of important moments from the history of astronomy.
22.02.19 Members Evening Items of interest to members (and visitors to this website) presented by Members.
08.03.19 advances in photography & Star Hopping   Due to illness our scheduled speaker was not able to come.  Ken & Bill discussed subject which were of interest to all.
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